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JCP Automotive offers quality car maintenance and servicing with highly personalized service for customers in and around Morwell and Traralgon.

Our Services

Whether your vehicle requires a Basic oil change, Major car Service in Morwell, Fault diagnosis and repair or a free mechanical inspection,Our motor mechanic in JCP Automotive will always strive to exceed your expectations in car maintenance and advice.

Logbook Services

We can service your late model vehicle as per your service log book. This ensures that your new car is not avoiding warranty, As well as saving you money, we can also advise you of any warranty work needing attention.

Engine oil

Correct engine oil level should be maintained to assure proper lubrication of your vehicle’s engine. It is best to check engine oil level approximately five minutes after a fully warmed up engine is turned off or before starting the engine after it has sat for a long period of time. Remove the engine oil dipstick, wipe the dipstick clean with a lint-free cloth or paper towel. Reinsert dipstick until it fully seats in its tube. Remove dipstick and read oil level. Add oil only when the level is at or below the ADD OIL mark

Power Steering

Check by removing and checking the dipstick. NOTE: The dipstick is attached to the cap of the power steering fluid reservoir (most vehicles) or marks on side of reservoir. Make sure if topping up make sure you use correct fluid.

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Preventive maintenance

Many parts of your vehicle are inter-related and work in sync, ignoring maintenance can lead to failure of other parts or an entire vehicle system. Neglecting even simple preventive car maintenance, such as changing the oil or checking the coolant and other fluid levels or belt condition, can lead to poor fuel economy, unreliability, or costly break downs and could cause your warranty to be invalidate.

Regular Maintenance and car service are vital to keeping your car on the road. The time and effort you put into keeping up with scheduled maintenance can save you big money in the long run. Your vehicle manufacturer came up with a maintenance schedule and service intervals that are specific to your car or truck, but check out our easy to follow regular car maintenance checklists to keep up with your car’s needs.

The best way to keep a vehicle in top running condition is to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual for your type of driving. If you do not have an owner’s manual, contact Morwell motor mechanic in JCP Automotive to suggest a recommended maintenance schedule to suit your type of driving solution.

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Brake Fluid

Check this by loosening the clip or cap (wipe dust or dirt away before removal) on the master cylinder and removing the lid. If fluid is needed, consult the vehicle owner’s manual for correct type and fill to recommended level, aswell check the condition of fluid if dark or cloudy . You should get this flushed to remove any moisture.

Automatic Transmission or Transaxle

To check this while the engine is running in neutral (most vehicles) with the parking brake securely set. The transmission should be at operating temperature. Remove dipstick, wipe clean, insert and remove again to check fluid level. Other transmission today you cannot check by yourself. If you’re not sure ask at JCP Automotive. CAUTION: Do not overfill and use correct fluid for your vehicle.


To check this by removing the radiator cap from and cool engine and refilling, if needed use correct coolant type.

Tip: Never open your cooling system when hot or under pressure, as this is very dangerous. If you can squeeze the top hose easily, then it is safe to remove radiator cap.

Items of interest

If your engine rattles or taps when cold, it may need thinner oil. Heavy loads, sustained high speeds or towing may require a synthetic oil for best protection. Topping up an engine that uses oil with new oil is NOT the same as giving it an oil change. The contaminates left behind increase in concentration each time the oil level drops. They need to be drained out. A car used for frequent short trips may not to use oil but contaminates build up. The other issues can be caused is oil leaks due to oil seals, rocker cover gaskets failing, Oil seals go hard and don’t wipe the shaft correctly.

Oil must be checked on a long drive because there can be a sudden drop in oil level after they boil out. The latest unleaded engines produce nastier by-products and they also have less oil (for light weight and faster warm up); oil can clog up if not checked often enough. The 10,000km oil change should be treated as an absolute maximum. If your car does not cover that distance in 6 months, the oil should be changed regardless. For cars that have 15,000km service interval and only doing short distance, short stop starts and cold running over a 6month period you should change your oil 7,500 km.

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Oil warning Light

If you have your oil warning light comes on when drive you should stop and get it checked. Even if your oil level is still correct, it might be the oil sender fault or oil starvation caused by sludge contaminate and blocks oil pick up screen in motor which will damage your engine and is very expensive to repair cost. Car Service Endeavour Hills