All – In – One Complete Engine Cleaning System.

When do I need All-In-One?

When your car makes short trips or city driving on evaluation or 40,000 km.

When your car makes long trips or freeway driving every 60,000 km.

What is All-In-One?

The All-In-One is a pressurised liquid cleaning system that removes gum and carbon deposits from: Injectors and fuel system, Throttle body, Pistons, upper cylinder and valves.

The All-In-One solution is added to your engine under the same pressure as fuel is added by the fuel pump, this insures complete coverage of all areas where the gum and carbon deposits normally occur.

When you notice poor fuel economy.

When you notice you car is sluggish.

When your car doesn’t produce the power it used to.

When your car doesn’t idle well.


The mechanic starts by warming the engine to normal operating temp.


The mechanic sets up and begins the pressurised cleaning sequence. This step runs the cleaning solution through the injectors and into the combustion chambers.


The mechanic then starts the next phase which cleans the engine by spraying the cleaner under pressure into the throttle body and intake system, cleaning the engine as it runs.


Finally the fuel system concentrate is added to the tank which cleans the rest of the fuel system as the mechanic takes the vehicle for a 5 – 10 min drive. This completes the cleaning system.

We believe that Chemtune is so good, that we will happily refund your money if you are not satisfied with it’s performance!